Start To Learn Blockchain Technology With EdX

Start To Learn Blockchain Technology With EdX

Blockchain technology is a dynamic field. In essence, it is a digital database made up of records. It also significantly improves the security level and accuracy of financial operations and considers to be the future of the global economy.

IBM courses

Serving clients all over the world, IBM is the industry pioneer in business changes using an open hybrid cloud platform. Students who successfully finish any course offered by IBM can also obtain an EdX-validated certificate and a skill badge. 


The course “Introduction to Blockchain” is another outstanding offering from IBM and EdX. You will discover why this technology is such a powerful player in the financial system.  It also is the driving force of the development of most cryptocurrencies. Industry executives and specialists are now imagining completely novel methods to integrate this technology into the world economy.

Your skills

You’ll discover what blockchain is, and how businesses utilize it. Additionally, you will learn about the fundamental ideas and commercial applications of this technology. The ability to move funds on a blockchain network is the final competence.

Professional course educators will also explain to you how to create bitcoin wallets, all types of transactions, and more.

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