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Eight Reserve: Spicy, Elegant, Opulent

Eight Reserve: Spicy, Elegant, Opulent

Eight Reserve, a new flavor from 818 Tequila, has been unveiled. This month, it will be available in the USA. The brand’s creator referred to this introduction as a turning point for 818 Tequila.

The process

Matured in oak casks, this distinctive beverage is a perfect choice for your family and friends on every occasion. The 818 Tequila brand constantly pays attention to quality and every little detail. Finally, the world’s smoothest and most luscious tequila has been born as the outcome.

New release

This release has a level of richness, smoothness, and depth unprecedented for tequila. The result is a soft, rich in flavor expression.  Cinnamon, dried berries, vanilla, and praline make up most of this tequila’s flavor profile. Honey, black cherry, and orange flavors are recognizable by their distinctive scents here also. Last but not least, the spicy flavor that is so crucial for tequila’s aftertaste is smooth and exquisitely charming.

The bottle

It is necessary to mention the bottle. It stands alone as an actual work of art. The amazing liquor is kept in a handcrafted, 750ml ceramic decanter manufactured in Pachuca by local artisans. Moreover, when turned, the decanter’s form, which resembles a figure eight, also signifies” infinite delight.”

Availability and price

$200 will be the price for the Eight Reserve bottle, and it will start selling at the end of this month.  Additionally, internet alcohol retailers will allow customers to pre-order Eight Reserve here.



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