Is It A Bag Or A Paint Can?

Is It A Bag Or A Paint Can?

The renowned collection of “paint can” bags from the opulent French fashion label, which recently received its original release, now comes in three additional hues. 

The story

Louis Vuitton has recently released a new model of a bag. This bag is a very realistic replica of the ordinary can for paint. The idea of its creation belonged to designer Virgil Abloh, who died in November 2021.

The Paint Can Bag was presented in January this year at the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. It was the first men’s collection show since the death of Virgil Abloh. The model completely imitated a paint can.

New color palette

Today, the bag receives three new color updates in the shades of yellow, lagoon, and green. The previous release included purple, orange, and red colors. The parts of the handle have the brand’s logo accents.

Also, the new design incorporates a round top with leather joints. Additionally, it flaps with magnetic closure and has an adjustable and removable strap. Finally, the bag provides a soft, microfiber lining.

Availabality and price

You can order your bag at Louis Vuitton’s official site priced at $2314. Becoming the owner of this exclusive alternative to a conventional bag will make your experience of creating a standing-out look unforgettable.

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