We Have to Wait: Ferrari Plans to Introduce the First All-electric Car by 2025

We Have to Wait: Ferrari Plans to Introduce the First All-electric Car by 2025

Ferrari plans to launch an all-electric sports car in 2025. The company has previously confirmed the working on its creation but refused to give even an approximate date.

Significant problems

Ferrari has already launched its first hybrid electric vehicle, the SF90 Stradale. However, its chief executive, L. Camilleri, spoke of technological problems that are preventing the release of an all-electric car from Ferrari in the nearest future.

Are the worries justified?

Given the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, Camilleri’s words sound if not strange, then unconvincing.

An example of this is the luxury supercar Tesla Roadster 2. Of course, Tesla Roadster 2 is still a concept. Nevertheless, it promises us a huge range, a top speed of 400 km / h, and much more.

Charging electric car with red lights

Global manufacturing trends clearly show that the future belongs to the development of all-electric vehicles. Despite this, Ferrari decided to focus on the production of hybrids for the time being.

 With the replacement of Camilleri by John Elkann, Ferrari is believed to move faster towards electric vehicle manufacturing.

Deliberation in switching to the all-electric car’s production can hurt Ferrari, as it has happened more than once with other giant companies that clung to the past.

In the meantime, we have to wait for 2025 to meet a new masterpiece from the world’s famous racing brand.

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