Earlan Bartley – New Givenchy Model

Earlan Bartley – New Givenchy Model

A famous Jamaican artist recently became the recognized representative of the new Givenchy line in a worldwide advertising campaign.


Earlan Bartley is a Jamaican musician aka Alkaline.  He will become the very first Dancehall musician to participate in this most recent Givenchy project.


The new Givenchy menswear collection for spring and summer will keep exploring the difference between Givenchy’s design history and modern metropolitan look.  

The fashion house already has a tight connection with different celebrities, who wear its clothing. However, the designers felt the rightness of their choice straight away. Earlan’s very genuine, honest way of wearing clothes inspired everyone.


Several of Alkaline’s tracks have already been used as the background for a high-end Paris fashion show in 2022.  Givenchy included the artist on its official website and social media pages.

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