New Charms from Phoebe Bridgers: Creepy and Adorable

New Charms from Phoebe Bridgers: Creepy and Adorable

Everyone should think about purchasing something from Bridgers’s brand-new jewelry line, which was recently launched. Her necklaces are spooky but very sweet!

Collaboration with Catbird

The Brooklyn-based jewelry company Catbird was established in 2004. The company is famous for producing delicate exquisite jewelry items.

Bridgers first became interested in the brand because of its distinctively sensitive design and unique spirit of humor.


The Kissing Skeleton Friends Charms, which are available in pairs and crafted from recycled gold and silver, are the most prominent products in the collection. On the back of the charm there are lyrics lines.

The next charm in the set is “Give you the moon”. This tiny pendant imitates the moon. The lyrics are also present on the back.

The “I want to go home” charm has a form of a UFO disc with a glorious pearl at its top. If you’re seeking something out of this world, this will be your best choice.

Availability and price

You can explore all items of the collection on the Catbird official site. Prices range from $98 to $490. 

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