Comfortable Foot Armor: New Shayne Oliver’s UGG Set

Comfortable Foot Armor: New Shayne Oliver’s UGG Set

To create a new range of timeless boots for the UGG brand, Shayne Oliver used his exceptional creativity and talent.


Among the most intriguing designers, Shayne Oliver is renowned for his unique perspective on modern culture, which challenges norms and embraces oddities with brave and stylish innovations.


UGG, a brand known for its warm boots, has chosen Shayne Oliver for a big project. In keeping with Oliver’s fashion sense, the new collection twists UGG’s iconic Classic Boot, presenting a future-oriented look.


The collection comprises both low and tall footwear models.  The boots have a futuristic form and come in the traditional colors of black and white. The boots include a replaceable forefoot cover. In addition, their sock liner is made of sustainable materials that can be easily recycled.

Availability and price

The Shayne Oliver and UGG collaboration is currently accessible online and in stores. Both versions cost $450 each. Don’t think twice to purchase your pair of comfortable boots with cutting-edge design.

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