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Yeti 160E Electric Mountain Bike Review

Yeti 160E Electric Mountain Bike

Nowadays you can utilize electric bicycles for megapolises rather often. However, not all electric bicycles are designed for usage on city streets. As a result, electric mountain bikes have become more widely available. The Yeti 160E joins that burgeoning category with a unique feature – to compete in high-speed races in off-road conditions.


The suspension base on the Yeti 160E is completely new. Creators calibrate Sixfinity properly for the extra weight, speed, and demands of an eMTB.

The Yeti 160E has a Shimano EP8 motor and a powerful battery, which work together to move the bike. Internally routed cables with secure closing on all entry and exit points are among the features.  Furthermore,  chain noise elimination,  Maxxis tires, and the outfit’s new thermoplastic handlebar with integrated cable routing add to the outstanding modern features and bike’s design.

Availability and price

It has a carbon fiber frame, like many of Yeti’s models, for lightweight. The bike is tuned for riding quickly and handling adeptly in tough trails. It comes in four sizes, so you can find one that fits your height.

The Yeti 160E is available now, priced starting at $10,100, and is available for ordering here.



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