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Top destinations in Europe summer 2021

With the breakout of the pandemic of COVID-19 most of the flights, as well as traveling in general, has been canceled. But with the upcoming of the vaccine, which was recently put in use, it is completely realistic to plan your summer vacation.

Summer 2021 plans

Since we spent most of our time in our homes in 2020, due to the lockdown, it is simply a necessity to plan and make your perfect vacation when the situation is again normal and the virus is put under control. As the vaccine is coming into full use soon, you should start making your plans, and here are some of the top European destinations for the next summer.

Top destinations

For the following listed destinations, the rise of 48% in searches for these destinations in November 2020 vs April 2020 has been noted. Those destinations are:

  • Faro,
  • Malaga,
  • Dalaman,
  • Palma,
  • Ibiza.

How to plan it?

First of all, you need to up to date with the latest news about pandemic and vaccine progress. Safety should be your number one priority, so if that country you want to go to is still critical with the number of infected with the Coronavirus, you should avoid it. Also, if you didn’t receive the vaccine, you should be aware, that, probably, most of the countries won’t let you in, next year. And last, but not least, is your budget, that is the thing that you always must have on your mind when planning your ideal vacation. You can find more top European summer 2021 destinations here.



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