Gym and workout myths that are still popular in 2021

Gym and workout myths that are still popular in 2021

If you are going to the gym or work out regularly, then, for sure, you encountered some of the information, while researching about your training, that you weren’t sure whether is true.

Gym myths

When it comes to the gym and working out, there are some widespread facts, that simply prove not to be true. In other words, those are gym myths. Some of the most popular gym and workout myths, that are still current are:

We singled out these three myths that you will hear about the training, as the most common ones.

  • Crunches for abs,

The myth goes that you will lose your stomach fat, as well as those hip fat called “love handles” if you are doing enough crunches and abdominal exercises. The fact is that you will lose some, but you are just making your muscles stronger, but not visible. For a visual display of your muscles (aka abs), you have to make your diet healthier and use calorie deficit methods (to spend more calories than you are intake). In that way, your fat will burn.

  • Excessive cardio for massive fat burn,

Same as for previous, it is somehow logical that tiring your body and making it sweat while doing excessive cardio, such as long-distance running will burn your fat. But what happens in the reality is that you are only upgrading your endurance and burning some calories. For example, if you run 1 km with an average speed of 13 km/h (for which you need to be in solid shape), you will spend around 100 calories. That is the same amount of calories as it is if you ate 15g of milk chocolate. In other words, your body isn’t spending that many calories if it only does simple cardio. The best thing is to do weight exercises combined with tempo-changing cardio.

  • Protein shake right after training or no effect,

It is said that if you don’t drink your protein shake in less than 10 minutes after your training, that you are losing gains. To put this short, this is completely false. It really isn’t that problematic if you will drink it 10, 20 minutes, or an hour after the training, and this is scientifically proven.


These are some of the most trendy gym and workout myths, that are still popular in 2021. If you want to find out more you can check here.



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