Sky ECC - All about the fuss

Sky ECC – All about the fuss

With the ongoing scandal about Sky ECC chatting application, many questions popped up. But probably one of the most popular is, why would someone pay that much for a chatting application?

The scandal

The whole affair started when the FBI give a warrant for the arrest of Sky ECC owners, because of the potential connection with organized criminals, about which you can read in one of our last posts here. The main question, besides the whole background of the incident, was why would someone pay that much for a chatting option, you have all prices here.  

Reasons for paying

Even though the price for using this application isn’t low, we have singled out two main reasons for this.

  • The first one is that most companies are in need of a secure way of digital communication, especially for internal needs. Nowadays, when almost the whole business is been doing remotely, it is very important to have a secure and safe way of communication, which Sky ECC can provide you.
  • The second one is, for sure, the recent scandal with WhatsApp user policies changes (about which you can read here). This has risen many doubts, about the privacy and security of the data while using some of the most popular chatting options, and also, somehow, forced people to pay for an option that will keep their data safe.

More info

While denying every legal offense, and announcing to the public that everything was a setup and that the FBI doesn’t have the access to their servers. With this, Sky ECC is trying to remain, probably the safest chatting solution on the market. Anyhow, the situation in the next period should be followed. To find about more about it, you can check here.

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