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Zavvi’s Exclusive Star Wars Collectibles

Zavvi’s Exclusive Star Wars Collectibles

The Zavvi store is a nook on the internet where the gamer feels happy. Here you will find popular video games, current generations of consoles, and Hollywood bestsellers on DVD and Blu-ray in retail.


This is just the beginning. If you’re a fan and want to own merchandise for a particular franchise, you’ll find a wide range of clothing, toys, gadgets, and more. Furthermore, Zavvi offers regularly updated prices, and profitable sales. Finally, Zavvi store customers can be among the first to pre-order the most popular new items.

Star War Figures

Of particular note is the amazing collection of figurines and statues. Today, let’s talk about statues from the world-famous bestseller Star Wars. Among others, the store presents such unique things as:

Star Wars Episode VI Rancor Statue 

This is a stunning creature for your collection. The terrifying reptile is standing on a black top. In an impressively realistic style, this figurine captures the horrifying look of the ferocious monster. 

In addition, it has a chain fastened on its right forearm.  Undoubtedly, this rancor is a superb complement to any  Star Wars figure’s collection,  flashing its lethal jaws.

Kotobukiya Darth Vader Statue

Moreover, the famous Star Wars comic book artist Hiromoto Shinichi brings you the most recent artistic interpretation of the Ultimate Evil! The artist reimagined Vader in this creation with the designer’s distinctive style. Consider adding this recently created figurine to your collection and enjoy its distinct look! An art print of the original illustrated work is offered with the purchase.

Ashoka Tano Statue

Additionally, Zavvi offers the Ahsoka Tano collectible. The renowned dual lightsabers of the Togruta warrior assume a battle-ready posture. Ahsoka gathers her strength as she prepares for deadly combat. She has special sabers in her hands. The statue edition is limited. 

Bring home these figures right away because they will all serve as the centerpiece of any fan’s Star Wars collection.

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