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Yacht-Charter Holidays: The Ultimate Packing Checklist

Yacht-Charter Holidays: The Ultimate Packing Checklist

The yacht trip is booked and you’ll be boarding a floating paradise of splendor and excitement any day now. There’s just one thing left – to perform the ultimate packing!

First and foremost: soft shoes

Many passengers do not know that most forms of footwear are strictly prohibited on board a yacht. High-heeled shoes damage wood, dirt from soles stains the deck, and luxurious surfacing, black soles leave ugly marks on the stairwells. Most travelers go barefoot on board, however, you can invest in a pair of white-soled, flat shoes like loafers and safely wear them on board.  


Swimwear is the piece of clothes you’ll wear all the time, so bring plenty. If you’re not traveling in a cooler climate, bring a lot of light and colorful cotton and linen clothing.   Participating in the nightlife events you will probably need sophisticated clothes. Ports are frequently rather posh, and most nightclubs have strict dress codes.

For windy days, add a soft hoody or wind-resistant jacket.

Medications and sunscreen

If you get seasick easily, make sure you bring the necessary medications. Stock up on your other drugs and prescriptions ahead of time.

If you have the capacity in your luggage and want to make your charter bill as low as possible, bring your favorite brand of toiletries and sunscreens from home. Mind that suntan oils can stain the deck and can result in extra charter bill payments.

Some handy items

In addition, we recommend you have soft-sided luggage and electronic screens with anti-glare glass such as an iPad or Kindle reader. Do not forget your passport and other documents. The smaller grab-bag will also come in handy for any off-board activities.

Regardless of things you plan to take, keep in mind that you should not overpack. Yacht spaces are usually restricted. Choose your destination with OceanScape today, and pack wisely before starting your magnificent yacht journey.

For more valuable information on yacht charters, destinations,  and a lot more feel free to listen to OceanScape’s podcasts or explore their blog entries.



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