XtraBoost Review&Pricing

XtraBoost Review&Pricing


XtraBoost is a device that amplifies your router’s wi-fi signal, increasing its speed and range.

Best for      

House use.

Not for

Small spaces or rooms, that can be covered with the original router’s signal.

– Easy to install,
– Quite often on discount, even up to 50%.
– Can be connected anywhere around the house,
– Posses WPS function.
– Discount can sometimes only include a specific region.


If you buy 1If you buy 2If you buy 3
$98 per unit.$69 per unit.$61 per unit.

Free version

  • No concrete free or trial version of this product,
  • However, there is almost always a special offer, if you buy 2 you get 1 for free, and if you buy 3, you get 2 for free.

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