Wonther New Jewelry Collection

Wonther New Jewelry Collection Review

Aimed at generation Z this exquisite brilliant collection strikes everyone’s imagination at first glance. Every item of the collection is unique and makes you feel so special when you wear it.

The concept

Now you prefer compassion to power. There are no boundaries, but unification. Reverse definitions, establish new concepts, and new customs. Turn our togetherness into a strength. Supporting each other lets form a chain that connects rather than restricts. Our choice is to remain interconnected from now on. This is the concept of the new jewelry collection from Wonther.

Gen Z

The Interlinked Collection by ‘Wonther Jewelry,’ matches the characteristics of generation Z customers. The Interlinked Collection prioritizes bringing people together. Gen Z people spend a lot of time online, whether on social media or other virtual chatrooms. However, they don’t spend nearly as much time together in person. With its recurring chain-link design the new jewelry collection reflects the links between people.


Cuffs, necklaces, rings, and many more items, are all parts of the Interlinked Collection. The bracelets are accented with reused bio-leather. The complete Interlinked line uses 18-carat gold as base material. Wonther demonstrates to customers that everyone can benefit from being more connected in reality than in virtual online worlds.

The items’ prices range from $285 to $5500. Discover more about the collection here

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