Widescape WS250 Stand-up Snowmobile

Widescape WS250 Stand-up Snowmobile Review

At last, the Canadian company has launched a snowmobile that has the flexibility to take you past the route and further into the countryside. Take a ride on the world’s first stand-up snowmobile and unleash your hidden adventurer.

The WS250 is a unique solution that has a small weight and is compact enough. You can carry it anyplace. It’s simple to learn and a lot of fun to ride. It also has the heart of a motorcycle inside.


Widescape of Quebec created the WS250, which has an aluminum frame and a high-density polyethylene plastic body. The entire structure has under 90 kilograms in weight.

You can carry the vehicle on the trailer or electric car rear because it is surprisingly light, compact, and thin. Furthermore, two of the items can fit in a pickup.

Power and engine capacity

A 4-stroke, internal combustion engine provides power. It produces 20 horsepower and consumes three liters of gas per hour. It also produces less than eighty decibels of noise, according to reports.

A foot platform with anti-slip surfacing, a variable transmission, and an LCD screen is among the most notable specifications of the unique snowmobile.

Preordering a WS250 is now possible by paying a $79 deposit on the Widescape website. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of $6,423. Deliveries are expected to begin this autumn. The vehicle may be seen in action on the company’s website.

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