Why is important to have a perfect chess set?

Why is important to have a perfect chess set?

If you are a true fan and lover of this game, for sure, it is important to every detail be in its place, from the knowledge of openings (which you can see here in our previous post) to the chess set on which you are practicing and playing it.

Importance of having the perfect chess set

We are living in the modern era, where you can have everything on your computer, playing chess is no difference. But because of the rules of this game, that every serious and competitive game should (must) be played “offline”, in live, it is quite important to practice yourself on a real-time table, because many grandmasters say that, it is completely different to play on screen and in real life. All these are just reasons why you should get your perfect chess set.

Why is that so?

The jump of 250% in eBay searches for product “chess set” has been noted in November 2020. We assume this happened for 2 main reasons.

  • Queen’s Gambit,

This Netflix TV show broke down all records in viewership, more than 62 million people have already seen it, it is no wonder that chess had that popularity growth since it is also the main topic of this show.

  • Quarantine,

Since we have been locked down in our homes, board games, like chess, are an excellent way to keep yourself entertained.

How to find your perfect chess set?

To find your ideal chess set the very first option is to try on popular online stores like eBay or Amazon. You should also do a little research about your taste, to combine it perfectly with the chess set you are looking for, for example, if you like marble, wood… You can find more ideas about your perfect chess set here.



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