Why empathy is important?

Why empathy is important?

In these hard times of pandemic, we need to preserve and maintain both our mental and physical health. But your needs are not the only one that matters, there are also the others, close to you, that you should pay attention to. That is called empathy.

About empathy

Empathy is the capability of an individual to understand and feel the experience of the other person. This ability is especially important in the time of crisis. Because the best “cure” for any crisis is to stick together, and feel for the other, and be there for them in need, which is exactly what empathy does stand for.

Why is that so?

The term “empathy”, as well as the question “why empathy is important” was listed in the top 10 search queries in 2020 by Google. We assume this happened for 2 main reasons.

  • Constant mentioning in media,

You can often hear, especially on TV, “that we need to be empathic for others in these hard times”, but usually there is no explanation of what does this concretely means.

  • United we are stronger,

Though that is only natural that human should stick together in troublesome times, this can often confuse by not knowing the list of your “duties” that you need to do to accomplish this.

How to be emphatic?

Even if it in theory sounds very easy, in real life it is not so much. You can often be clueless about how to show that empathy to others, but you know in full what does it mean. One of the ways to do that is to think of your needs, and what you would like to someone else do for you. In most cases, those wishes are not so much abstract, and can often be something that others also need or want, and there you can help and be empathic. You can find out more about empathy here.



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