White Gold Omega Watch Review

The premium watchmaker Omega has unveiled the White Gold Omega,  a commemorative model. This watch is a replica of Omega’s first Speedmaster from 65 years ago. The White Gold Omega, on the other hand, has been updated for the present day and is manufactured of pure gold.

The first Speedmaster permanently transformed the face of chronograph watchmaking. The 1957 Speedmaster was created with professional race car drivers in mind. The new release broad arrow hands and traditional subdials, featuring a tiny seconds display, 30-minute, and 12-hour recorders, and the center chronograph function, are all inspired by that very first model.

The Onyx dial and enamel numbers are among the accentuated parts. In addition, the timepiece’s body uses 18K white gold alloy as a material. Moreover, the clock has a sapphire eye. It is the traditional 65th anniversary marking. Omega’s Speedmaster Calibre 321 serves as the chronograph for this watch. It has a 55-hour power reserve.

While this watch has yet to be launched to the general public, it is available for presale at partnering boutiques that may be found on Omega’s website. This limited edition luxury watch has a price of $81,000.

You can also explore watch details here.

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