Which stocks should you buy if Trump wins the elections?

Which stocks should you buy if Trump wins the elections?

With the current chaotic situation in the world, many things will be decided. Even if you shouldn’t mix politics with trading, nowadays, those two are in tight connection. If Trump is re-elected that will have a huge impact on the market.

What does re-election mean for the stock market?

In case Trump wins the elections again, if we look back into history we can see that many recent presidents, who got re-elected, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, after their reelections the S&P 500 was going up, which is good for the current state at the stock market in general.

What stocks shoud you choose?

Current predictions are that Trump will win this election with a probability of 66%. Since that is very probable to happen, these are the top 5 stocks that you should buy:

  • Bank of America,

Republicans’ traditional friends.

  • JP Morgan Chase,

Predictions are that they will have more benefits from a Trump administration than Biden’s.

  • New York Times Co.,

Trump is in a constant fight with these newspapers, even if there is no love between them, this still led to the New York Times’ stock raise.

  • Amazon,

Even if Trump himself doesn’t love this company, his administration seems quite fine with them.

  • Twitter,

Even if Trump is in a “hot n’ cold” relationship with them, Twitter is still Trump’s main medium for communication.

How to invest?

Trump is enjoying his time in public. He will use any chance to say something on the TV, news, Twitter… This is important for your investment portfolio because he will probably give a lot of comments for the economy, which were, in the past, very much direct and concrete. In other words, whenever he spoke about some issues in that field he would mention some company, and the US administration relation toward it, so that is the thing that can influence its stock movement in the market. For more stocks and how to invest them check this.



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