Which stocks should you buy if Biden wins the elections?

Which stocks should you buy if Biden wins the elections?

When we entered 2020 Trump was a big favorite for winning the elections, but some major events, that happened during this year, brought the heat in these elections and gave his opponent Biden a realistic chance.

What does Biden win mean for the stock market?

Even since Trump has a 66% probability of being re-elected, the turmoil which happened this year in the USA, especially Black Lives Matter riots, and also taking the COVID-19 pandemic into account, Biden and Democrats got that chance of winning the elections that they were looking for. It is said that the main point of investing focus of potential Biden’s administration will be financial regulatory, green energy and health care.

What stocks should you choose?

Even with current predictions of Trump winning, the results of the national polls shown that Biden is up 9% on average for winning this election. In case that happens, these are the top 5 stocks that you should buy:

  • Brookfield Renewable Partners LP,

One of the biggest players in the green energy market, their portfolio includes almost every source of renewable energy, which are one of the main focuses of the Democrats.

  • NextEra Energy,

Same as for the previous, not so big like Brookfield, but in 2020 they were green energy companies with the highest growth in popularity.

  • Canopy growth,

Using the canopy for medical purposes was currently a growing trend. Since Democrats are looking for investing in health care, this alternative will be interesting for them.

  • Tesla,

The global leader in producing electric cars. Since electric cars are “clean” non-polluting technology, they are definitely going to be in Biden’s focus.

  • Workhorse Group,

A delivery company that uses electric cars for its services. Same as Tesla there aren’t polluting the environment, and with Amazon’s current affair of not using “clean” technology in their delivery portfolio, which is vast, these stock are definitely going up in the case of Biden’s win.

How to invest?

For Democrats (Biden), things are pretty much straight-forward. They tend to use trend policy, which considers having in focus what is currently in trend in the USA or global. All you need to do is to follow those trends and make investment decisions in regard to it. You can find more about more about this here.



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