When Haute Couture Meets Denim

When Haute Couture Meets Denim

Stephen Jones and G-Star united their efforts to create the opulent denim collection of hats.

To create an avant-garde line, the master Stephen Jones collaborated with a prominent denim company. The collection includes limited edition items and Haute denim models.

Hat Master

His masterpieces were the choice of the royal family and entertainment icons. His fame has never faded, and numerous celebs have worn his hats, which continue to be at the vanguard of style and elegance. 

Stephen’s work for renowned labels like Dior demonstrates how the fashion industry has accepted his artistic way of hat creation. Stephen always considers a hat as part of a complete ensemble. 


Five Haute denim models are presented in this luxurious line. Each unique artwork demonstrates the skills of both partners. The hats maintain all of the delicate, opulent detailing. The line is also completed with two hats that draw their design cues from timeless street fashion trends, which enjoy widespread appeal.

Since the beginning of December, these items have been available for purchase on the G-Star website.

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