When Adventure Is A Thirst Dunia Baru Is Ready To Quench It

When Adventure Is A Thirst Dunia Baru Is Ready To Quench It

This magnificent sailing boat inspired by long-gone ages opens today insides of super luxury and the finest yacht requirements.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about doing anything unusual for your holiday, why not go the extra mile and take part in a genuine Indonesian yachting journey?


The most popular destinations in Indonesia are still  Raja Ampat and Komodo, but there are plenty more, of course. So many amazing areas in Indonesia are off the usual tourist routes.

Dunia Baru has a strong emphasis on excitement and takes travelers to exotic places including  The Forgotten Islands, and The Banda Islands. It may also transport you to Triton Bay. These areas are far away and unexplored.


Dunia Baru is the obvious option for your forthcoming luxury yacht trip because of its ability to create custom routes, ample outdoor deck space to relax with one of Dunia Baru’s legendary wines, and the simplicity of exploring the pristine bodies of water of the Indonesian Archipelago.

The yacht is capable of accommodating up to 14 people in seven opulent apartments. It has 18 skilled and jovial crew members while adhering to the professional level of elegance and heritage. There are plenty of toys on board, and the boat is unique in that it has a full-time dive instructor who can completely train visitors for PADI certification and take them to the most incredible diving locations in the area.

When adventure is your thirst Dunia Baru is the best choice to quench it!

Do not wait, book your amazing journey today!

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