What to Do to Avoid Post-COVID Health Complications?

What to Do to Avoid Post-COVID Health Complications?

Covid – 19 often affects the lungs and other systems of the organism. That is why post-treatment rehabilitation of this disease is vital.

Who needs it?

Rehabilitation is necessary for everyone who has suffered, regardless of the disease’s severity. For patients who have gone through moderate and severe forms of coronavirus pneumonia, it is mandatory.

When to start?

It is very important to begin as early as possible.  Primarily, for the prevention of bedsores, thrombosis, and muscle atony. 

Physical rehabilitation.

Medical, respiratory gymnastics is the best way to start. Also, there is a large variety of equipment for early rehabilitation. The aim is to stimulate respiratory muscles and the diaphragm to fasten the transition to normal breathing.

Psychological rehabilitation.

Many patients suffer from impaired memory, attention, and speed of thinking due to the impact coronavirus infection has on the central nervous system and brain. 

To reduce these manifestations, it is recommended to solve puzzles and crosswords, play memory games, but also work with a neuropsychologist and pay attention to physical activity.

Rehabilitation results.

– Restoration of the respiratory system.

– Strengthening of the immune system.

– Inflow of vital energy, increased activity.

– Return to normal life.

We live in the era of Evidence-Based Medicine, and COVID is a “young” pathology that requires further careful study. However, the benefits and necessity of post-COVID rehabilitation are no longer in doubt for any medical professional.

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