What is the latest business trend- office in a box?

What is the latest business trend- office in a box?

This year taught us that everything can be changed. Because of the pandemic we were forced to do remote work, transfer schools online, limit a lot of everyday activities… But one of the latest trends in business offers a completely new solution for many problems.

What is the office in a box?

Office in a box is your “backyard office”, which is basically a minimalistic version of the real office that you have at work. In this office, you have all the essential things that you need for your job like a desk, phone line, Internet connection… The demand for this type of office became so big in the last few months, that many companies that are making prefabricated homes have included an office in a box in their portfolios.

Why is that so?

There is a constant growth in the searches of the term “office in a box”, but in the last two months, a rise of 20% has been noted. We assume this happened for 2 main reasons:

  • Improved remote working,

It is almost a year since the pandemic has started. In other words, it took too much time to just depend solely on improvisation, a long term solution, for limited working at the regular office, is a must.

  • New year- well-known things,

This year caught us unprepared, but we already know what is going on, and for the next year where all the business and finance calculations are starting from the beginning, it is necessary to be ready for everything that can occur and to put improvisation on minimum.

How to buy it?

Because of its high demand, it is not very likely that you will find this easy. However, some of the companies have already started producing it, and the offers will be also put on Amazon. You can check more about where and how to buy an office in a box here.



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