What is Teff flour?

What is Teff flour?

Why is Teff a cornerstone of a gluten-free diet?

Scientific research about negative effects of gluten in food is currently a growing trend. Since wheat is one of the main sources of gluten, it is also a necessary part of any nutritional meal, and Teff flour is an excellent gluten-free wheat alternative. 

Why is it so?

A rise of about 40% in “Teff flour” searches in April 2020 vs 2019 has been noted. We assume this happens for 3 main reasons:

●        Rapid growth of influence marketing in gluten-free area, Recently became one of the main tools in marketing.

Many famous athletes (such as Novak Djokovic) propagate this way of diet.

●        COVID19, Enrich the diet to improve your immune system.

●        Vegan community, Discovering various different options in this rapid growing way of diet.

How to add Teff flour to your diet?

Even if you are not on a gluten-free diet, you should try using Teff flour in your meals, since many problems with your body (for example skin redness), of “unknown” sources can be caused by intolerance to gluten.

The best way to start adding Teff flour to your diet is using it for making desserts such as pancakes, cakes or muffins. You can find more gluten-free recipes here.

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