What is CSP?

What is CSP?

CSP, or content service platform, is a cloud-based platform which is working on SaaS software, with which user can create and share different content, such as text, audio, and video.

About CSP

CSP is a mainly content-based platform, which was firstly introduced in 2016, as a module within ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Nowadays, this platform (CSP) comes quite handy, since its cloud-based characteristic, and also it is gaining an advantage over ECM. Why is that?


CSP is taking over the market this year over ECM when it comes to content management. We assume it happened for 3 main reasons:

  • Flexibility,

CSP is a very flexible platform, which means that you can make changes very easy on it, which is not the case with ECM.

  • Low-code,

It is very simple to use, the times where you used the same interface and application for everything, because of code complexity are behind us, so this one is an obvious advantage of CSP.

  • Cloud-based,

This one is probably the main characteristic of CSP (especially in these times of remote working), and also the reason why it started “eating” its “mother” version ECM.

How to choose the right CSP?

Since it is low-code, it can be very easily personalized. This means that you must know your needs very clear, and to study as many platforms as you can, to find the one which suits you the most. You can see some of the content service platforms here.

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