What is Birria ramen?

What is Birria ramen?

Almost everyone is picky when it comes to food. A perfect combination of mixed flavors is something that all of us tend to make while cooking. One of the most perfect combinations of it is Birria ramen.

Birria ramen

Birria ramen is a combination of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. This dish is a mash-up of two traditional dishes, which are birria and ramen. Because of its perfect combination of flavors, it is currently one of the most popular meals in the USA.

Why is that so?

A rise of about 78% in “birria ramen” searches in June 2020 vs August 2020 has been noted. We assume this happened for 3 main reasons:

  • Perfect combination,

It is a really good match of flavors since the hot Mexican and more neutral Japanese cuisine are quite compatible.

  • Culture presence,

On U.S. soil, the presence of these two cultures is very strong.

  • Possible lockdown,

Since we are on verge of the second (in some parts of the world third) wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high possibility that it is going to be a lockdown again, in which restaurants don’t work, that means you have to cook those good dishes for yourself.

How to make Birria ramen?

First of all, you need all the necessary ingredients, which are: birria stew, ramen noodles, and toppings. The process is quite simple, first, you have to make the birria, then cook the ramen noodles and at the end, you need to assemble it in the bowl. Some tips would be to marinate it and to make tacos out of it. You can find more about the ways of cooking it here.

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