What Happened at Tour de France?

What Happened at Tour de France?

The woman, who caused a crash with her huge sign during Tour de France has been identified and questioned.

The accident

An incident occurred on the first stage of the race. The woman with a huge sign on the side of the racing track that said ‘Go Grandma and Grandpa’ caused a massive crash.

The sign struck Tony Martin first. It can be seen in the race’s video clip. The German rider then fell, causing other riders to crash.

The race was held up for approximately a minute due to the massive fall.

The police actions

Gendarmes from the Finistere district had issued a Facebook call to locate the woman who caused the accident. They also started the police investigation.

What’s next?

The woman could’ve been sent to prison for two years and paid a significant fine for her actions. However, the authorities of the race have withdrawn a lawsuit against her.

Tour riders, in turn, paused the race in demand for more safety during the race.

You can watch more highlights of Tour de France crashes here.

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