Waterblade Stingray

Waterblade Stingray Review and Pricing


The StingRay is a lithium-powered electric stand-up board. This gadget allows you to appreciate nature while cruising around with your hands-free. If you want to do some exercise, you can step up and down while riding. It’s a brand-new and one-of-a-kind water sport, that keeps you fit and healthy.

Best for

Outdoor water sport activities.

Not for

Use in the swimming pool.

There are eight different models and modifications of the product.Each board is powered by a lithium batteryThe shipping is expensive because of the big weight and dimensions of the box.
Ankle leash with kill switch provides extra safety.
The Stingray boat is super easy to operate and does not need special skills.



Additional info

  • The Dimensions of the item are 67 inches wide x 58 inches long.
  • Each item comes with a phone/wallet waterproof bag, waterproof battery box, and emergency pad.
  • The manufacturer also provides a repair kit.
  • Manual air pump and air cover for speed controller are also offered.

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