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Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro Athlete Review

Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro Athlete

Water Walker & Spa is an advanced technology. It allows you to do aqua fitness with an increased load. At the same time, it has a gentle effect on the joints and the circulatory system. You can combine the training process with an aromatherapy session and water massage.

The creation

It was introduced some time ago by the Japanese brand Natural Create inc. Its masters offered for release two versions of a running aqua simulator. They are differing in power, speed of movement, and equipment. The models offered are Water Walker & Spa Steed pro and more compact Water Walker & Spa Compact.

Since then, one of the spas of the luxury resort Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa in Kuwait has been equipped with unusual exercise machines. And they received a lot of positive reviews.


The Water Walker provides increased cardio workout with reduced pressure on joints and muscles. This makes it an interesting solution for people undergoing rehabilitation. This also offers great benefits to those, who want to improve their physical condition.


A water-proof touch display, a removable tablet, and built-in speakers are at the disposal of the user. The aqua simulator system allows you to change your walking or running speed. You can also listen to your favorite music and watch videos while exercising. The options of regulating the water temperature and water flow intensity are also included.

However, the possibility of such training will cost a substantial amount of money. The price of the Water Walker starts from $ 89,000. It increases depending on the power, equipment of the simulator, and additional services.



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