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Watches Often Seen On Celebrities

Watches Often Seen On Celebrities

What are the most popular celebrities’ accessories? This review will give you an outlook on the celebrities’ preferences for luxury timepieces. Use it to make a choice of the ideal luxury wristwatch for you.


Daniel Craig, the famous agent 007 has the Seamaster from Omega in his collection. It has a lot of advantages. It is entirely water-resistant. This is the model that may be worn while diving or doing any type of sailing. The watch is light, elegant, and durable.


The Daytona model is perhaps one of the most recognizable creations. It was the choice of the world-famous movie star Paul Newman. Because of Rolex’s hefty and dazzling design, it has luxurious and stylish looks.

Rolex Daytona casing is scratch-resistant. It appears gleaming at all times due to the stainless-steel case.


The Cartier Tank is an attractive traditional timepiece for women. This model was a favorite choice of Princess Di on many occasions. Although the classic wristwatch is nearly a century old, it is still the many stars’ favorite.

Moreover, the graceful style of the watch attracts males as well. This is also the choice of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The rectangle, fabulous in its simplicity golden casing adorned with a leather strap looks truly luxurious and stresses the personality of the owner.

And even more…

Famous actors Hanks and Clooney own the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional.   David Beckham’s choice is a Tudor Black Bay watch that matches his fashionable look.

Celebrities only wear high-quality watches, so choose one of their preferences because a durable timepiece is precisely what you need to express yourself, your style, and your uniqueness.



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