VPN- A must-have accessory for remote working during the COVID-19 crisis

VPN- A must-have accessory for remote working during the COVID-19 crisis

Since the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in many countries, almost every traditional business was forced to switch to a remote mode of working. This way of working requires a safe network with a high level of privacy.

Why the VPN is a necessity?

The whole world, currently, is in a very chaotic state, due to the pandemic crisis. This chaos also included the business world, which means that it is vulnerable to malicious attacks. Ever since everything switched to remote working, where implemented defense systems don’t have jurisdiction, an alternative way of defending was quite needed. This alternative is VPN.

Why is that so?

A rise of about 50% in “VPN” searches in March 2020 vs March 2019 has been noted. We assume this happened for 2 main reasons:

  • Lockdown,

As already mentioned, the lockdown forced the switch between traditional and remote working, which made businesses very vulnerable to exterior attacks.

  • Free features,

Many VPN providers, offered their new packages of services, specially made for the COVID-19 crisis, with many free features.

How to choose the right way of using the VPN?

The very first thing that you need to do is to consult your supervisors in your company, just to be sure that they already don’t have a way of protection for your remote work. Next thing, you need to do research to see which provider fits your needs at most, more concrete, a cost-benefit analysis would be of great use here. Some of the popular providers are NordVPN (also our last article about the review of this product), OpenVPN, Stormshield… You can see more about choosing the VPN here.

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