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Verdura Theodora Cuff Review

Verdura Theodora Cuff

Initially, Fulco di Verdura created a pair of these lovely cuffs for Coco Chanel. Not only she wore them all the time but they became a part of her unique style.


The Maltese cross motif, which Verdura used in jewelry, was closely connected with his childhood. He spent it in Sicily, near the island of Malta. His brooches and bracelets Teodora and Ravenna quickly gained popularity. Furthermore, they became bestsellers of two fashion houses, Chanel and Verdura.

The designers recently revived Theodora Cuff. They produced a stunning and iconic limited edition masterpiece to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Verdura house. With its vibrant array of gemstones in various shapes and sizes, it is certainly a masterpiece.

Each gemstone’s superb setting is an example of pure craftsmanship in a distinct style. 


This updated cuff is the same size and form as the original. In fact, it surrounds the wrist perfectly. Moreover, this limited edition jewelry is a genuine collector’s item.

The cuff has sapphire, emerald, and amethyst in the center. In addition, more than 30 gems of all shapes and colors encircle them. Diamonds, aquamarines, garnets, rubies, and many more are among them. The cuff’s materials are 18-karat gold and black enamel. 

You can find Theodora Cuff at Verdura’s website for $103,500 each.



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