VanMoof V Bike

VanMoof V Bike Review

European e-bike brand VanMoof has unveiled its newest model. This model is much faster than VanMoof’s current e-bikes.

Some reasons for the creation

The company launched a new model to raise awareness among lawmakers about speed limits on e-bikes.

According to VanMoof, lawmakers need to rethink their attitude towards e-bikes. Moreover, people should switch from cars to e-bikes. The models offered by the manufacturer already fully cover the needs of a modern city dweller in a large metropolis. They enable efficient and fast movement.


The VanMoof V model is capable of accelerating to 60 km / h, which is well above the permitted speeds for bicycles in Europe and the United States, where the limits are 25 km / h and 20 mph, respectively.

The VanMoof V has a 700 Wh battery capacity for long rides, wide tires, and suspension on the front and rear wheels. Besides, it features a Turbo Boost button and signature keyless lock technology to protect your bike from theft.


The innovative item will be sold in Europe and the United States for € 3,498 and $ 3,498 correspondently. it should appear on sale in 2022. 

Here, you can learn more about this model and join the waiting list.

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