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UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black”: Urwerk Avant-garde Timepiece

UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black”: Urwerk Avant-garde Timepiece

The new timepiece from Urwerk is a strikingly original watch that exemplifies the company’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies.


Urwerk transformed its approach to watch manufacturing with the cutting-edge model UR-112 Aggregat “Bicolore,” which made its debut last year. With the new UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black,” the manufacturer has given the “Bicolore” a modern,  completely black-in-color upgrade.

“Back to Black” shares the same technologies as its forerunner, but stands out for its elegant case design and monochromatic color scheme, which intensifies the watch’s modern appearance.

It is interesting to note that the Type 57 Atlantic SC, a historic Bugatti sports vehicle, served as inspiration for this newly redesigned timepiece.


The UR-112’s timekeeping is rather simple to understand. Digital discs are used to create the hours and minutes. They are both housed inside glass cylinders.

Buttons on the sides of the case open the lid, which exposes two additional panels of less significant data. The case has dimensions of 42 mm x 51 mm and uses titanium and stainless steel as materials. In addition, the watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Availability and price

Priced at approximately $303700, this watch model is a limited edition of 25 pieces only. Visit the official Urwerk site for more information.



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