TubShroom Ultra Review & Pricing


TubShroom Ultra is a bathtub drain protector, and can also be used for hair catching, straining of snaring.

Best for

Maintaining water in the bathtub, or not allowing things such as hair to go through and clog your drain.

Not for

If you have a built-in catcher in your drain.

– Made out of stainless steel,
– If you take Stainless Combo you will get both catcher and stopper.
– Can be used for animal hair too,
– Very simple design and easy to use.
– Sometimes it can happen that it doesn’t fit the drain.


Stainless SingleStainless Combo
$13.48, includes only a catcher.$16.72, includes both catcher and stopper.

Additional info

  • Award-winning product for its design,
  • Rust and mold free,
  • Its dimensions are 5.715 cm x 5.08 cm x 5.08c, weigh about 130 grams,
  • No assembly required,
  • There is a warranty, but you have to request it from customer service.

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