TriPollar POSE Vx Review

TriPollar POSE Vx Review

This technology is the most significant advancement in home cosmetic body treatments, promising unrivaled body sculpting and renewal.

What’s inside?

To target the various layers of the body, the POSE Vx combines powerful, professional-grade high frequency technology with enhanced activation of human musculature.

You will boost your fat metabolization as a result of the treatment. Fat cells will shrink, the skin will lift and tighten, and muscles will have a better tone.

The device imitates the body’s natural muscle motions in order to give the appearance of improved tone and greatly shaped body features.

The gadget is safe for usage in numerous regions of the body. Moreover, you can use it in the comfort and privacy of your home. The whole set also has TriPollar Preparation Gel 50ml, a user manual, and fast start guide in addition to the device.


Apply a thin amount of gel to the area you are going to treat. Begin rotating the device in gentle circular motions, switching between modes as needed.

After the orange light indicator has been activated for another 5 minutes, continue treating every area of your choice. For a period of half a year, repeat the treatments twice a week. Results can be effectively maintained by performing treatments only 2 times a month after the initial treatment schedule is finished.


You can buy your system at Lookfantastic for the price of £499. Here, You can also find more valuable information on the device’s working principles and product ingredients.

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