Top things every student should know

Top things every student should know

When it comes to studying, especially research student work, it is important to know some tips and tricks so you can improve the quality of it in a great measure, as well as making your studying (and student high school/college days easier). 


No matter how it looked like just a phrase, 

most of the students still don’t realize the power of the Internet. When we say “the power” we mean that the Internet is one huge unexplored ocean of very useful student materials, as well as an unlimited source of the information for all your work that you need to do. But to find something you need, you must know where to look.

Student must-haves

Now, we will enlist some of the most useful sites and platforms for your student days and work.

  • Lib-gen, this platform is similar to Google scholar but you can download everything for free. You can filter it if you need an article or book. The main problem can occur because it could be illegal and banned in some countries so you need to check that first,
  • Sci-hub, on this platform you can unlock any article or book with its DOI number. It is very easy to find this number, you only need to find the title of the literature that you are looking for, and it should be somewhere near it. The problem here is the same as with Lib-gen and its legal issues,
  •, here you can find versions of websites from years ago if you are looking for some older information, that is now updated,
  • Mathway, this website is a must for math, physics, chemistry, or engineer student, it solves algebra, calculus, and many similar problems,
  • Pdfescape, with this tool you can quickly edit any PDF in your browser without Acrobat.

More here

So next time when you start doing some work, check some of those sources, platforms, and tools that we mentioned, and it will make your studying easier for sure. You can find more about this here.



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