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Top destinations summer 2021- worldwide

Top destinations summer 2021- worldwide

You are a travel bug, wanderlust who has been tied to its home due to lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, then you must have plans for some destinations where to go in the moment the situation is normalized.

It is realistic to plan

Even the situation still doesn’t look good, and the numbers of infected are still growing, with the outbreak of the Pfizer vaccine, in some countries, the vaccination already began. At the beginning of the next year (2021), the vaccine will be distributed to a major number of countries, which means that it is totally realistic to make your travel plans for summer 2021.

Top destinations

For the following listed destinations, the rise of 48% in searches for these destinations in November 2020 vs April 2020 has been noted. Those destinations are:

  • Orlando,
  • New York,
  • Dubai,
  • Bali,
  • Bangkok.

How to plan it?

Since it is “worldwide traveling” you will probably need to do it by plane. You should check which airports are open, because many of them are, and will remain for some time, closed due to the pandemic. The next thing is the budget. You need to plan it carefully, because those destinations, especially exotic ones, are not that cheap, so every penny counts. Also, you should always be on your guard about the situation in the country that you are planning to visit because in many countries the critical situation won’t stop when the vaccine comes to its full use. Anyway, you can find more top destinations here.



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