Top business ideas for 2021

Top business ideas for 2021

Ever since 2020 brought us pandemic and lockdown, many traditional businesses had to change from their roots or even to shut down. These events gave the space for some new ideas.

Back to 2020

As turbulent as it was, 2020 gave us a lot of opportunities. For example with everything switched to online mode, video conference platforms (some of which you can see in our review section) had exponential growth in use. With this, the companies that provide them had a huge rise in the value of their stocks. Another good business idea, if you are not that good with software, was producing medical and hygienical equipment such as face masks, hand sanitizers, medical gloves… since the need for them was huge, especially when the pandemic started. But what about now?

Ideas for 2021

Most of the ideas include some basic knowledge of computer using, since the whole of 2020 was practically online, this showed us that many things can be done this way:

  • Online reseller,

With many retail businesses still closed, and, also, with many people who are still in fear of the virus, online shopping is something that became a daily routine. With a little entrepreneur spirit, you can use this to your advantage to make a profit.

  • Web development, 

This pandemic showed everyone that a presence online is essential. No one will take the chances again and risk being unprepared for new potential lockdown, so they will look to enhance their Internet existence as much as they can. If you are good with web development, you can make some serious profit here.

  • Courier service,

For sure, people will be scared to go in big crowds for at least one year. Supermarkets are something that first pops on the mind when you think of a crowded place. So courier service delivering groceries or medicines can be your “El Dorado”.

  • Creative skill,

If you are good with writing, graphic design, video making… This is a time very you can get paid for your talent/skill. The reason is identical as for web development, simply, the need for a good Internet presence is huge.

  • E- Tutoring,

Also, since most of the schools are closed or limited, there is a need for this, especially for language tutoring. You can see more about it here.

More ideas

Here you have some ideas that you can consider. However, many things can change in the following months, especially with the vaccine breakthrough, so it is important to follow trends. You can find more ideas here.



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