Top 4 Trends In Supply Chain Management That You Must Know

Top 4 Trends In Supply Chain Management That You Must Know

The supply chain is something that is included in any business. For some, it is smaller and more simple, and for some more complex, but one thing is for sure, it must be one continual flow.

About Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a part of management that includes connecting and ensuring that every part of that supply chain is working properly. Another popular definition is that SCM is having the right things, in the right spot, in the right way, at the right time. But to be a successful supply chain manager you must be updated with the latest trends in it.

Here, we singled out the top 4 most popular trends in SCM.

– Globalization,

As this is a trend in almost and field, global supply chains are something that must be implemented in any company, to stay in the market.

– AI,

With the huge and rapid progress in this technology, AI is something that surely represents the future of Supply Chain Management. Early adopters of it, will for sure grab the biggest piece of this cake.

– Vehicle waste reduction,

Vehicles are recognized as one of the main sources of expenses and wastes in the whole supply chain network. Techniques such as cross-docking are becoming a standard in many companies. Also, there are a lot of routing optimization techniques. For example, UPS estimated that their trucks make fewer expenses if they are not turning left.

– Eco-friendly,

Environmental pollution is something that considers us all. Companies tend to do something about it, and one of the main goals of each supply chain is to be an eco-friendly supply chain. For example, DHL stopped using diesel engines completely and tends to make their vehicle fleet from only electric vehicles by 2050.


For many SC managers, these trends will soon become a must-have. You can find more supply chain trends here.



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