Top 3 Luxury Clothing Facts That You Didn’t Know

Top 3 Luxury Clothing Facts That You Didn’t Know

Everyone loves high-luxury clothing but also gets a headache when seeing its price tag. But if you are truly interested in this, and enjoy buying expensive clothes, here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know, and also, you may find some of them quite useful.


– Louis Vuitton burns clothes that they didn’t sell,

Yes, you read that well. At the end of the season, for example, summer, they burn their whole collection. That is because Louis Vuitton doesn’t have outlets, and they don’t want to have collections on off-season discounts, since most of their customers buy it because it is “LV”, and you can get it for that high price. If they know that you can buy it for lower, they would go to other luxury brands, since it is not anymore that rich.

– Luxury depends on the region,

This is also one of the places that you can get confused. For example, why is Tommy Hilfiger so cheap in the US, but so expensive in Europe, and Zara vice-verse? The answer is simple, Americans, consider Tommy Hilfiger as their domestic brand, not that luxurious, but in Europe it is international, and it is. The same goes for Zara. Also, when you look at Gucci and LV you can see that in some parts of the world Gucci is more expensive, in other LV.

– No TV commercials,

You probably noticed that high-luxury brands such as Prada, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent… don’t advertise themselves on TV, or do it very rarely. Why is that? It is quite obvious, their main target group simply doesn’t watch TV.


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