Top 3 incidents of the first round of UEFA EURO 2020

Top 3 incidents of the first round of UEFA EURO 2020

As the biggest European football competition started everybody was in hope of great football, but instead of it we got a few very major incident occurred.

European Championship 2020

The interesting part comes when you notice that there is no host nation (the tournament is playing in 11 countries), which reduced the hooligan problem quite much, but still, the incidents are happening. In hope that we will witness more good football and fewer incidents, we singled out this particular three that happened in the first round of UEFA EURO 2020


  • Christian Eriksen collapsing,

More of a tragedy, that was avoided in the last moment because of the quick medical team reaction, than the incident, this situation probably has put a shadow over the whole tournament. In the 42nd minute of Denmark’s game against Finland, Eriksen collapsed on the pitch. At first, no one realized what is going on, but soon after they spot that Eriksen was unconscious it was clear that the condition was serious. Later it was confirmed that he had heart arrest, and was clinically dead for few minutes before the medical team did reanimation and defibrillation. The scandal also occurred when the media gave a close shot of Eriksen being reanimated. This was prevented by the Danish team, who circled him helping the medical team to do their job and Eriksen do preserve his privacy.

  • Arnautovic insulting Alioski,

After the third goal of the Austrian team, their striker who scored it celebrate it by shoveling North Macedonian player Alioski, with racist insults. After the match, Arnautovic apologized for the insults and said that he didn’t mean anything racist or personal against Alioski rather than just a conflict they had during the match. Also, this incident raises another affair, since Arnautovic is banned for one game for this, a similar situation happened after the second goal on the World Cup 2018 in the game between Serbia and Switzerland. Swiss players were provoking and gesticulated identically toward Serbian players and bench, and there was no concrete reaction from UEFA back then. 

  • Ronaldo and Pogba bottle situations,

At the press conference after Portugal’s first match, before the beginning, Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola that are sponsors of the competition and put the bottle of water on the table. He claimed that these soft drinks aren’t good for health and that people should drink water more. As the result, this had a huge drop in Coca-Cola stock value. Pogba did a similar thing with a bottle of Heiniken (also the sponsor), claiming that alcohol isn’t a good thing for our body, and also that he can’t stand it because his religion doesn’t allow him. 


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