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Today’s Lost Are Conquerors Tomorrow: Sulyvahn’s Statue

Today's Lost Are Conquerors Tomorrow: Sulyvahn's Statue

Pontiff Sulyvahn is the toughest boss in the Dark Souls series. Today Zavii and PureArts proudly present his deluxe statue.


The great creators at PureArts and its collaborators at Bandai Namco have come together to revive Dark Souls in this new form

This statue has two recognizable blades with built-in lights. In a nod to the game’s legendary combat, a huge Shadow Clone is summoned from beneath the statue and is similarly light-powered.

The Greatsword of Judgement in the hand of summoned shadow clone exhibits blue-black tones that are darker than the darkest lunar light and reveals the actual essence of magician Sulyvahn. In addition, the sword in his right hand is on fire and represents his deep-seated, flaming passion

Moreover, watching the figure you can easily imagine that Sulyvahn is incredibly swift, moving at alarming speeds, causing a great effect in battle.

What’s inside the package?

Polyresin is the main material of the figure of the Outrider Knights’ commander. It includes a Shadow Clone figurine and light-up swords. The figurine needs six AA batteries, which are not provided with the package.

Availability and price

This deluxe edition is a sculpture masterpiece! Don’t pass up the opportunity to get the famous Pontiff Sulyvahn right away! Your fantastic collectible is available at Zavii for $2312.99.

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