Tile Mate Tracker

Tile Mate Tracker Review & Pricing


Tile Mate Tracker is a Bluetooth tracker and item locator and finder.

Best for

Keys, bags, pets.

Not for

Items that are not easy to carry, luggage, or electronics.

– It can find your phone even while being on silent.
– Easy to install and use.
– Water-resistant.
– Range is within 200ft for ringing, after which it will show the last location of your item.
– Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri.
– There could be issues with warranty and customer support.



Additional info

  • It has a 1-year replaceable battery,
  • Dimensions of this product are 1.38 x 1.38 x 2.44 inches (3.51cm x 3.51cm x 6.2cm),
  • The color of the product is white,
  • You can upgrade it to premium which will add additional benefits to using this product, such as proactive finding, item reimbursement, smart alerts…

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