Tiffany Advent Calendar 2021

Tiffany Advent Calendar 2021 Review

The 24 most unique presents of the season are featured in the second-ever Advent Calendar from Tiffany, which incorporates the paintings of J.M. Basquiat.

 What is it?

In fact, we use such types of calendars before Christmas. Each day of December, you can open a new present. Usually, they feature chocolates. However, in the case of Tiffany, the calendar will have a whole bunch of luxurious jewelry items.

Materials and items

The calendar is 1.21 meters tall. This is somewhat taller than the previous year’s version. It is made in the form of a cabinet. The manufacturers used white oak as the cabinet’s material. Besides, the calendar opens to reveal Basquiat’s painting, which hides 24 blue boxed gifts with jewelry pieces.

It’s unclear what the presents will be. For example, Tiffany’s previous calendar contained  18k Gold Triple Drop Earrings priced at $4,600, and much more.

Price and charity

Each calendar has a special serial number and retails for $150,000. From the revenues, the premium jeweler will contribute $250,000 to a non-profit organization in New York that provides art and advice to vulnerable communities via different mentorship and art activities. 

So, Tiffany & Co. is adding a lot more glitz and glam to the holiday season with their unique item, making this December the most opulent ever. It is available for purchase on the company’s website.

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