These principles will change your mornings forever- How to wake up early easily?

These principles will change your mornings forever- How to wake up early easily?

Not a morning person? That’s okay most of us aren’t, but there are some tricks on how to overcome this. Now, we are going to enlist them for you.

Tips and tricks

  • Strong “Why”,

This is a necessary condition. You need to have a strong why or in other words, a good reason to yourself why are you waking up early. So even if you don’t have such a thing, make it to yourself, because it is crucial to crush your brain’s defensive mechanisms against it.

  • Plan,

Plan your morning. Do it to the smallest details, such as what you will do first, brushing your teeth, or take a shower. This will make your brain easier to adjust and make decisions.

  • Don’t make it drastically,

If you are waking up at 11 am, don’t make it immediate change to 7 pm. Cut it for 15 minutes in iterations, until you reach the desired goal.

  • Put your phone away,

Your alarm is probably your phone. Put it away from your bed to avoid snoozing it. If you have to stand up and walk to it to stop it, you will, for sure, stay awake, and remember snooze is your biggest enemy.

  • Reward,

Reward yourself every once in a while, for maintaining this routine.

  • Hot n’ cold showers,

One of the strongest wake-up stimulants is this type of showering. It has consisted of four minutes of showering, where you will shower yourself two minutes with cold water, and two minutes with hot, in tempo cold- hot- cold- hot.

  • 21/90,

Here are just metrics that you should have in mind. It is needed 21 days to make a routine and 90 days to make a habit.


If you follow these instructions, for sure, you will build a habit of waking up early. If you want to find more advice on this topic you can check here.

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