Theo & Harris Vintage Watch

Theo & Harris Vintage Watch Shop Review


Theo & Harris is the best vintage watch retail store. Except for the collection of vintage Rolexes they offer Omega, Longines, and other famous brands along with a great number of accessories.

Rolex, Omega, Longines, Cartier, Swatch, Parker, Vacheron Constantin.

Price range

$135 – $10350

Customer serviceLikesDislikes
Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity. There are some very rare and valuable pieces on display.The items quantity is limited, though the collection is permanently expanded.
Clients can pick between FedEx and UPS for both domestic and international sales.You can order a full professional watch service on the site.
The order change or cancellation can be requested by e-mail.All placed orders are shipped immediately.

Best Choices

Theo & Harris has the best choice of vintage watches. Here are some pieces that can strike your imagination.

  1. Swatch Jellyfish, priced at $235
  2. Cartier Drive Moonphase, priced at $6,895
  3. Chronoswiss Opus, priced at $5,735

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