The Ultimate Workstation

The Ultimate Workstation: MWE Lab Emperor 200 Review

The MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation will appeal to computer and IT lovers. It is the ultimate gaming chair, combining a gaming station with a mini-cinema.

This is a remarkable technological breakthrough. MWE Lab’s most recent work is a vision of the future, not only demonstrating what is to come in terms of technology, but also providing you the sensation of utilizing advanced technologies that is much above the norm.

The creator of an opulent workstation is Martin Carpentier, a web designer. Among numerous features, it has a rotating leather seat with temperature regulation. It also has a fully adjustable rest for the legs. The designer also included an air purifier, built-in audio and LED lighting. A 10-inch touch screen with an incorporated Windows-based system controls everything. To become a happy owner of this hi-tech wonder you will have to pay $44,750, which isn’t cheap at all.

For a moderate $6,200, the Emperor 1510 model is available. This one, however, does not have air filtration but can keep you comfortable for hours as well.

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